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It Is Not All About You

I am going to share some words with you now that are sometimes difficult to hear. Most people do not like to hear them, and even when they hear them, they don’t want to believe them. But these words are true almost all of the time. Take a deep breath, …

How to Shine: Ignore

Continuing in our series on How to Shine, we come to the next way to let our lights shine so that God will be glorified, and that is: IGNORE I know what you are thinking. “Wait, how can we shine if we ignore people? How can we serve others if …

We Shine Because We Are Washed Clean By the Blood of Jesus

We Shine Because We Are Washed Clean

Why do we shine? We shine because we are washed clean. Have you ever been amazed at how clean your car is after you wash it? Or how nice a window looks once it has been cleaned? Things that are clean shine because all of the dirt and other bad stuff …