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How to Shine

How to Shine: Ignore

Continuing in our series on How to Shine, we come to the next way to let our lights shine so that God will be glorified, and that is: IGNORE I know what you are thinking. “Wait, how can we shine if we ignore people? How can we serve others if …

How to Shine: Help

Previously, we looked at a simple way to let God’s light shine through you, and that is to smile. Show the happiness that you have through your salvation by showing your happiness. So now here is another way to shine God’s light: HELP To some people, helping others seems like …

How to Shine: Smile

How to Shine: Smile

How do you let your light shine so that others can see your good works and glorify God in heaven, as we read about in Matthew 5:16? There is one simple way to shine to get started. It is really easy. Anyone can do it. Are you ready? Here it …