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It Never Hurt Anyone To Be Nice

It Never Hurt Anyone To Be Nice

The other day, we were in a hurry. The power had been out overnight, and it was still off when we got up, which happened to be a Sunday. We hurried out the door to hurry to get some breakfast so that we could hurry to our friends’ house to …

A light shines even brighter in the darkness

Shine in the Darkness

Do you ever light a candle in the daytime? Some people do, and you may notice its flame flickering as you pass by, but it doesn’t necessarily seem all that bright. However, when it is dark, a single candle can make all the difference in the world, and it is …

A simple act of kindness can open many doors

A Simple Act of Kindness

A simple act of kindness done out of purely unselfish motives can lead to all kinds of blessings that you may never have expected. And it may also lead you to someone who needs to hear just why you are letting your light shine, which may be your way of …

A Light That Is Never Turned On

Several years ago, I was at a lighting seminar as part of continuing education for electrical engineering. As part of the course, the speaker was talking about the efficiency of light fixtures, which is figured by comparing the input energy to the light output. The higher the light output and …

Turn On God's Light Inside of You

Turn On God’s Light

Turn on God’s light inside of you and let it shine! As seen on the Shine Incredibly Instagram page – follow us there! Also, feel free to download and share on your own social media profiles!